Dhaalu Airport

Kudahuvadhoo is famous for some of its landmarks such as the old mosque of the island which is renowned for its craftsmanship, especially for its coral stone carvings and masonry and has one of the mysterious mound known as hawittas, which dates back to the Buddhist periods of the Maldives

Daily Schedule to Dhaalu Airport (DDD)

Male' - Dh. Kudahuvadhoo (DDD)

Flight Depart Arrive
MA408 09:00 09:45
MA400 11:30 12:15
MA402 14:30 15:15
MA404 17:30 18:15
MA420 23:45 00:30

Dh. Kudahuvadhoo (DDD) - Male' (MLE)

Flight Depart Arrive
MA421 06:30 07:15
MA409 10:15 11:00
MA401 13:00 13:45
MA403 15:45 16:30
MA405 18:50 19:35

Effective from 27th October 2019 till 28th March 2020

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