Our Team

Manta Air may well be a start-up airline - but it's start-up with a big difference.

We have vast experience and intimate knowledge of the Maldivian tourism industry to know our core operating ethos centres around the passenger.

We pride ourselves on empowering our passengers - our partners in every journey on our fleet - with choice, luxury, comfort and safety.

We are focused on building a personalized flying experience for every passenger. Every member of our management team has experience at the front-end of the hospitality industry in the Maldives and in bringing the best leadership qualities out of every employee.

All aimed to offer the best flight service across the Maldives and the assuredness to reach your destination with the effortless grace of the majestic Manta ray.

But don't just take our word for it: Fly in comfort in affordable luxury - fly Manta Air.

As a passenger, you can be guaranteed that:

  • Our ethos will always be, safe, reliable comfortable and seamless journeys.
  • Our approach will always be warm, helpful and friendly.
  • Our values are always one of constant improvement and empathy for the passenger.