How do you make a booking with Manta Air? With Manta Air, you can either do an Online Booking or contact one of our passenger sales agents.
How do you make an online booking?

Online booking is a convenient way of finding and booking your preferred flight over the internet. Using our online services you can either make an itinerary to suit your travel plans on your preferred dates or pay online by credit card using our secure server.

To book your Manta Air flights online, select your airport and dates, choose a suitable flight, confirm your personal details, and make your booking.

But always remember to select the correct passenger type. The associated currency will always change automatically based on the passenger type you selected.

Make your online booking now!

How do I make a booking through one of Manta Air's passenger sales agents? Simply contact one of our passenger sales agents, make a visit and make a booking of your preference.
How do I change my tropical flight? If you still wish to fly but you'd like to change to another time or date, simply go to Manage My Booking to retrieve your booking, and change to another available flight on your preferred time or date. Change fees and fare difference may apply.
How do I cancel my tropical flight? If you wish to cancel your flight, simply go to Manage My Booking and cancel your flight. Charges may apply depending your fare restrictions.
I tried to cancel my booking online but I am unable to. What do I do? If your ticket cannot be changed or cancelled online, please contact our reservations team at [email protected] or contact us at 7994405
What is my baggage allowance if I am flying with Manta Air?

In keeping with our philosophy of providing all our customers with an amazing experience, we believe that it is also important to help you bring in all your essentials and take out a bit of paradise on your way home. Therefore, we have set the following baggage allowances for your tropical needs;

For Domestic Operations

1) Comfort Class

• 22kg of checked baggage

• 5kg of cabin baggage

2) Sapphire Class

• 35kg of checked baggage

• 5kg of cabin baggage

For International Operations

1) Comfort Class

• 20kg of checked baggage

• 7kg of cabin baggage

2) Sapphire Class

• 25kg of checked baggage

• 7kg of cabin baggage

I want to carry more than my baggage allowance. Can I purchase more baggage allowance?

We understand that some of you like to travel heavy and sometimes you also want to bring back more than what you bring in. If you are in the mood for more baggage, you can purchase extra baggage when you purchase your ticket. The option to purchase extra baggage allowance is applicable on our domestic flights only.

I am planning to travel with children. What are the fare terms?

Children above the age of 2 years will be charged a Child fare.

Children under the age of 2 years will be considered as infants.

· Infant travel will be free on domestic flights.

· However, if you require a seat for the infant, you will have to book an extra seat. The child fare seat cost will be charged.

Will there be any changes to our flight timings? At Manta Air, we publish our schedules 6 months in advance and we will stick to our schedule even if numbers are low. Our commitment is that all our flights will depart on time as per our schedule.
When does check-in open & close for Manta Air? · Manta Air’s check in counters open 1.5 hours before scheduled and closes 30 mins before scheduled departure with no exceptions. · All guests are strongly advised to arrive at the airport at least 1 hour before departure so you may complete check-in procedures on time.
If I have special requests, what do I do?

If you have any special requests, such as requiring two seats for yourself, please contact us directly at +960 3331199 or send us an email at [email protected].

If you have a disability or medical conditions and need special assistance, please inform us in advance to help cater your specific needs. Also, the special request may require to fill-out forms that must be approved by related authorities.

For more information please contact us directly at +960 3331199 or send us an email at [email protected].

What is your travel document number?

For locals, your national ID card number.

For work permit holders, the work permit card number.

For tourists, it will be your passport number.

Can I travel if I am pregnant?

If you are pregnant, a medical certificate or letter signed by an appropriately qualified doctor or midwife is required for pregnant women travelling after 29 weeks of pregnancy. Also, you will be needed to fill-put the MEDIF-B form available on request.

Travel is usually not permitted after 36 weeks (single pregnancies) or 32 weeks (multiple pregnancies) of gestation.

Please contact our reservations department +960 331 4477 or email to [email protected]