Go Domestic with our ATR!

The ATR72-600: Our Choice, Your Comfort

Deciding over the best aircraft to fly our passengers came down to three aspects: comfort, safety and luxury travel.

That's why Manta Air turned to the latest generation aircraft: the ATR72-600 turboprops.

The state-of-the-art ATR72-600 bears the stamp of Manta Air's safe and exhilarating experience across the Maldivian skies because we put the customer first.

We have also taken the unusual step of removing seats to provide extra legroom for our passengers onboard our ATR 72-600’s. Because for us, your comfort and happiness while you travel across the ocean is our pleasure.

After all, in life, it’s not where you go it’s who you travel with. We are Manta Air: your tropical way to fly.

Facts about our aircrafts!

As a passenger, you can be guaranteed that:

  • Our ethos will always be, safe, reliable comfortable and seamless journeys.
  • Our approach will always be warm, helpful and friendly.
  • Our values are always one of constant improvement and empathy for the passenger.